For investors

Lepidico is set to capture an early-mover advantage in the current cycle with lithium in long-term structural undersupply. And given a binding offtake agreement and our risk management strategies, we are well-positioned to deliver enhanced returns.

We are a vertically-integrated developer

Our patented L-Max® and LOH-Max® technologies extract lithium from lepidolite and other lithium micas, opening up a far less contested mineral supply than traditional methods. We deliver lithium hydroxide or carbonate into the supply chain, as well as other in-demand strategic metals.

Part of our Phase 1 project risk management strategy has been to ensure a relatively modest capital requirement while delivering attractive returns.

Options for expansion

We are already planning a 3-4x Phase 2 project, with concentrate supply from our own assets as well as third-party mines and royalty revenues from licensing of our prorietary tech to partners. One of these deals has already been completed.

The result will be a sustainable business for the Net Zero 2050 economy with low carbon intesity, low water intesity, benign mine and concetrator waste, and no solid process waste from chemical conversion.

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Our Top 20 Shareholders

as at 31 March 2023




1. Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited349,940,004


2. HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited298,803,1693.91%
3. BNP Paribas Noms Pty Ltd275,116,2433.60%
4. Strategic Metallurgy Holdings Pty Ltd266,271,2013.49%
5. BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd215,569,0502.82%
6. Perth Capital Pty Ltd131,111,1111.72%
7. Cornish Lithium Limited75,000,0000.98%
8. Acuity Capital Investment Management Pty Ltd72,900,0000.95%
9. Mr Johannes Hendrik Thorburn56,788,3060.74%
10. BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd50,585,3990.66%
11. Strategic Metallurgy Pty Ltd50,000,1340.65%
12. Superhero Securities Limited43,711,3900.57%
13. Mr Ivars Vadzis43,189,5890.57%
14. Clickable Publishing Pty Ltd41,471,6340.54%
15. Mr Gavin & Wendy Becker41,000,0000.54%
16. Netwealth Investments Limited40,489,6130.53%
17. Mr Anthony Charles Kenworthy35,929,5720.47%
18. T&G Corporation Pty Ltd35,577,7000.47%
19. Rennie Jackson SMSF Pty Limited34,777,7770.46%
20. Neofractal Pty Ltd34,750,0020.46%

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