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Introducing L-Max® and LOH-Max®

The benefits

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    Lower costs, higher margins

    Less power is required as the processes happen at atmospheric pressure and at modest temperatures of 120 Celsius or less. All inputs and equipment are commonly employed in industry.

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    Sustainable from the outset

    Phase 1 is powered from predominantly green energy while greenhouse gas emissions are approximately 25% lower than other conventional hard-rock sources of lithium. Converting from natural gas to green hydrogen for process heat allows Phase 1 to have best-in-industry emissions. All mineral waste at the mine site is benign and the chemical converter gypsum residue is a usable product, making the plant a zero solid waste facility.

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    Many useful by-products

    Caesium and rubidium are listed as critical minerals. Potassium sulphate fertiliser (SOP) and amorphous silica also have meaningful market values, and have environmentally sound applications.

Greenhouse gas emissions

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What is L-Max®?

What is LOH-Max®?

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